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Painting your home isn’t as big of a commitment as most other remodeling jobs, but it’s the one thing that totally changes the appearance of the interior and exterior of your home. Experience matters when you choose a Phoenix house painting contractor. Proper preparation, cleanliness and straight lines is where experience and pride comes to light when it’s all said and done. We want to give you a job and new look to your home you’ll be proud of.

We are a Phoenix house painting company, operating in the Valley with a 5 Star Rating. Our experience, tools, and skills allow us to tackle some of the most challenging exterior and interior painting jobs with care and professionalism. Most small jobs can be completed in a day, without sacrificing quality. We offer clients speed and quality, but all within a budget-friendly pricing policy.

Budget-Friendly Phoenix House Painting Services

Hometown Painting Company delivers top-quality painting services at budget-friendly prices, transforming your Phoenix home without breaking the bank

Here’s why We Are your perfect choice:

  • Affordable rates: We understand the importance of value, offering competitive prices without compromising on quality.
  • Free estimates: Get a transparent quote upfront, with no hidden costs or surprises.
  • Quality you can trust: Experienced and meticulous painters use only the best materials for a durable, beautiful finish.
  • Wide range of services: Interior & exterior painting, color consultations, cabinet painting, and more.
  • Local company, dedicated to you: We treat your home like our own, ensuring your satisfaction throughout the process.

Don’t settle for overpriced painting services.
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Customer Satisfaction is Our #1 Priority!

We strongly believe in making sure that our customers are happy. However, the first step is a fair and accurate assessment of the type and scope of work needed. Whether you need one room painted or the entire exterior along with the interior looking like new, we will provide you with a quote in 24 hours. Our estimates are precise, and will tell you exactly what the entire project will cost.

Furthermore, we mobilize the best Phoenix house painting specialists for every job to ensure that it is completed and delivered on time and up to the standard we promised.

We Hire Only the Best Interior & Exterior House Painters in Phoenix

Painting the inside of your home is very different from painting the outside. Several things need to be considered, including the furniture which needs to be repositioned so that the walls can be painted. We also need to consider the state of the walls in terms of how much they need to be sanded down and scraped before they can be patched up and painted. One of the goals of our Phoenix house painting services is to ensure a smooth and consistent finish across the entire wall’s surface.

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Since we are painting around your precious belongings, we'll also make sure to do the following:

  • Suggest what items should be removed before we start painting.
  • Will remove any small items that you didn't need, mostly if they are in the way.
  • Cover and maybe rearrange the furniture so that they aren't damaged by dripping paint.
  • Resurface and repair all holes and dings in the wall.
  • As the leading Phoenix house painting company, our approach to painting the interior of the house for our clients is to plan for each room. Since each room is obviously different, we have come up with a plan that allows us to paint the most rooms in the shortest time and with the least inconvenience. The fact that we are so effective at painting interiors of all sizes has made us one of the leaders in this industry.
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Exterior House Painters that Care about your Property

  • When it comes to painting your home's exterior in Arizona it’s more that just cosmetic. The summer sun is brutal on our homes and the paint is a line of defense to protecting your biggest investment. Whether you’re seeing chipping, flaking or fading, or you received the dreaded HOA letter, let us help you tackle this important job. We will do a walk-through and point out any areas of concerns that need to be repaired or replaced. Your home will be thoroughly power washed, so that the paint has a clean surface to adhere to and ensure a long lasting and great looking finish. Next, we will do any prep work including repairs and cover anything that has the possibility of paint overspray.
  • We are the leading exterior painters, we care about how good your home will look after the work is completed. That’s why we start painting exterior projects with an understanding of our client’s goals in terms of aesthetics and weather protection.
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Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed by our Phoenix House Painting Professionals

We have a licensed and insured team of friendly house painters in Phoenix, ensuring that you have peace of mind knowing that any possible errors are covered. However, we are strongly committed to ensuring that our customers are happy, if not more than satisfied with the service we provide. Anything less than a smile on your face is unacceptable!

Our project managers make it a point to call you a few days after the paint job has been completed to get your feedback. We do this for all painting projects because we want to know how you like the work we’ve done after it has evenly dried. We like to confirm that we did a great job or if you think we’ve missed something, in which case we will correct it for you. That said, you are always free to get in touch with us with your feedback even months later. However, our prep work and painting process ensures that the job we do is the very best in terms of quality.

We Offer Free (No Hassle) Estimates

If you need to hire a Phoenix house painting company, we highly recommend that you hire the very best. That’s where we come in. We strongly stand by our statement that excellent quality paint jobs shouldn’t break the bank and to prove that we are offering an immediate, hassle-free estimate. 

We are also here to answer any questions you might have about our service. So, feel free to call us today.

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